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May 2024

post10 | Arch Gnome | June 16, 2024

Disregard my previous entry, I overcame my sudden breakdown and reinstalled Arch Linux on my laptop, but instead of KDE I'm using GNOME and its a much better experience, plus it's a lot prettier. I decided that I'll just continue using a Windows virtual machine to edit, because I tried out Kdenlive and it was a but of a struggle. Maybe I'll try it more and get used to it, but for now I'm sticking to vegas. Using a VM isnt much of a problem for editing, because I've been able to edit videos with no problem on a 2012 MacBook Pro with a Dual-Core i5. The main issue with that is that it took forever to render videos (30 min to render a 5 min vid) while my laptop now can render in way less time. So yeah, ARCH LINUX FOR LIFE!

post09 | Framework Windows | June 12, 2024

I had a bit of stress recently over computer issues with Linux on my Framework Laptop. It came to the point that I was genuinely considering Windows 11. I eventually came around to just sticking to Windows 10 for a while, not sure how long I'll keep using it after it ends support on October 14, 2025 though. This whole process on just getting it working was very frustrating too, as most programs I tried didn't work. I eventually got it by using an Ubuntu USB. To add insult to injury, the USB I used to backup a bunch of stuff from my Linux install corrupted on its own and now I cant seem to read it on Windows, but I'm gonna try to read it on Mac and if not, I guess I just lost everything from it (Mostly minecraft screenshots and videos I recorded).

post08 | High School Quotes | June 6, 2024

Since I've graduated from High School I've been just sitting around for now. I was looking through my notes when I remembered I had a quotebook that I had built up throughout High School. Well not exactly, I had only been building it up since the beginning of 11th Grade. People at my school have said really crazy things, and I just had to write them down. Here they are:

She looks like a monkey! She looks black in black and white photos -some kid October, 5 2022

This kid can do ap physics but he can't multiply fractions? - Gabriel R October 13, 2022

I would become transgender for her (referring to Jess King, a lesbian) - Ryan C October 31, 2022

I really like kissing dudes too, clap me up - kid sitting near me during assembly November 10, 2022

Kid 1: January 2 I'm getting a buzz cut bro
Kid 2: Yeah do it -two passing kids November 29, 2022

I was balls deep and she said "stop teasing me" - kid nearby to me leaving lunch December 8, 2022

There's a first time for everything, I guess - kid talking about getting his penis stick in his zipper, C building bathroom January 19, 2023

Is it safer to eat a cigarette, or to smoke it? - nearby kid February 10, 2023

Did you know slavery is illegal in the United States? - senior walking out of L12 after 4th period February 21 2023

Jesus: I'm in a gay ass mood
JB: How can I egg it on? - March 23, 2023

If I get a 5, I'm blowing a load on F. [Physics Teacher] - kid near homeroom May 12, 2023

I've got a sexy head! - passerby September 13, 2023

There's a video of him spreading his asscheeks - passerby October 17, 2023

I'm sexy like lady gaga - passerby October 24, 2023

When you're 19 you're allowed to get with a 16 year old - kid in english class December 7, 2023 (literally what)

I can, on command, get hard - kid nearby at lunch December 7, 2023

Kid 1: We're going to Stockholm!
Kid 2: But you don't speak Spanish-2 kids passing January 11, 2024

I would be a great Adolf Hitler -Ryan D February 26, 2024

Does the 3 have to be lowercase? -Javier C February 27, 2024

He's a submissive little boy, he'll just sit down and take it -kid at lunch February 29, 2024

F. [Physics Teacher], I wanna give him a buttery smooth handjob -Dominic C March 11, 2024

I'm happily married with a gay man! -passerby March 20, 2024

Kid 1: Yo, do you do anal?
Kid 2: That's a no. -passerbys April 15, 2024

I gotta take a magnum opus shit - Chad/Will Apr 17, 2024

Shut yo black ass up -passerby May 14, 2024

As you can see, some people at my school were pretty unhinged. LOL.

post07 | Busyness | June 4, 2024

So, things have been really busy around here these last 2 weeks. We've had a lot of stuff going on in terms of fixing up the house, and soon we're having the house painted so I had to help with moving furniture around.

Lots of people have come over to the house recently too, mainly a mix of workers coming to check out what work needs to be done, as well as people coming to pick up stuff we're selling/giving away. We have a lot of junk so we've been getting rid of a lot of things. So do I, too, as I've been selling a lot of stuff on ebay recently and making some decent money.

May 2024

post06 | All the Phones have been sorted | May 28, 2024

So, since I got the tech box over a month ago, I've had to go through all the phones in it, fix them, and then figure out what do with them. As of today, that process has officially finished.

Out of the 19 iPhones I received, I got 7 of them fully working.

I have 4 that are going to be sold as a single broken tech lot.

4 more that are in storage for use as parts.

And 4 more that I destroyed for a video.

When it comes to the 17 Android phones, I got 5 of them fully working.

8 that are to be sold as a single broken tech lot.

and 3 I destroyed for a video. (Plus another I destroyed independently.)

So there! The tech lot is finally done and dealt with! I just have to sell off those 12 broken phones, and then we'll be 100% golden.

post05 | Slate Black iPhone 5 is now valuable | May 21, 2024

If you've stalked my mobile devices collection page, you'd know that I bought a Slate Black iPhone 5 from my local thrift store a few months ago.

Well, it was iCloud locked, right? It is no more. Today I swapped the logic board of this Slate Black 5 and the White iPhone 5 I got from the tech box (I don't think I've made an entry for it yet). I did this because the White 5 has a nonworking power button, and I also felt that iOS 7 would look nicer on the Slate Black 5.

So, because of this, the Slate Black 5 is now worth way more! It is sort of obvious the board was swapped, because it has a white boot screen instead of a black one, but that's no big deal.

post04 | iPhone 4s Chronicles | May 13, 2024

So as the Tech Box goes, theres a few iPhones that I set aside for repairs. As of today, I've gotten through 2 of 4 pairs. The most recent one I've done is a Logic Board swap between two iPhone 4s's. I recorded a video on it, and it's going out tomorrow. Basically, in the Tech Box there were only two White iPhone 4s's. One of them was in pristine physical condition and the other had a shattered back and broken LCD. The latter is actually in the stack of repairs to be done, but it's only for the power button.

Anyway, the pristine white 4s was iCloud Locked. I wanted a white 4s in my collection, but I wanted it to be fully functional. So, I found a perfectly working Black 4s and swapped the logic boards between the two. I did this on Saturday, and I don't know what I'm gonna do with it still. The repair was successful, and the white 4s was now fully working and running iOS 8.1.1.

This isnt the end, however. Yesterday, I wanted to jailbreak the phone and downgrade it to iOS 6.1.3. I went through a lot of struggle in jailbreaking it, because 3utools wouldnt work at all. I had to use Sideloadly! and sideload Phoenix onto the 4s. Then after that, Cydia was haivng trouble working, so I couldn't kDFU working. The issue was that it wouldn't refresh the sources, and the solution was to remove one of the default sources that would endlessly refresh. After that, everything refreshed and I was able to install kDFU and use 3utools to flash 6.1.3 onto the 4s. Boom! Now we have a white 4s on 6.1.3, along with a twin Black one. And that's where we are now. I'm gonna probably add it to the website either today or tomorrow.

post03 | Cameras | May 10, 2024

It's something I've been pondering for a few weeks now. Throughout 2023 I used a video8/Hi8 camcorder to record stuff I did in my life and with my family. Recently I had been thinking about bringing that back, but weighing my options I don't think it's worth it. I did use my Sony Handycam HDR-CX405 in 2022 for my trip to London and Savannah, but I usually use that camera for making YouTube videos, so I never really planned to use it for everyday things. I probably will start using it, beginning with my last day of High School on May 17 and my Graduation on May 25. I could talk about the pros and cons another time. I do kind of want to make a video about that, but I only partially started writing the script.

post02 | iPhone | May 10, 2024

Been looking at my iPhone collection over the last few days. I always had the plan that I'd have my old iPhone 7 and SE as backup phones, mostly for passwords and iCloud verification. I don't actually know if I want to use one as a burner phone of sorts. I know I want to get a Nokia dumbphone in the future and use that as my main phone, with my Pixel 6a being secondary. But this likely wont happen until close to when the Pixel loses security support in 2027. I just want to keep my Pixel for as long as I can. With the iPhones, I'm not sure if im really gonna be using them for anything else.

Besides this, I don't really know what else to blog about. Oh yeah. (See post03)

post01 | Hello! | May 3, 2024

Hello! this is the first ever post on my from-scratch blog. If you aren't aware, my twitter was unfairly suspended about a month ago. I don't want to appeal again or make a new account, so this is my response to Twitter. Can suspend me now, huh?!

Haha. Anyway, I'll be updating this blog every couple of days and mostly talk about my technology. Theres no RSS feed implementation or anything, so if you want to stay updated be sure to check this page every so often. :3

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